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By: Alvin Ang, PhD

The past two weeks saw successive changes in the prices of basic commodities. Rice, garlic and oil have exhibited increases that have extended beyond the ordinary consumers to the financial markets. This is because the levels of the increases show clear signs of inflation pressures. They are significant threats to the current low-interest rate regime that the


By: Cielito F. Habito, PhD

Sometimes it seems as if we simply can’t move forward without taking a step or two backward at the same time. On a brief trip abroad last week, I was pleased to see how we no longer need to fill out those pesky immigration forms. One wonders why it took so long, when we’ve had machine-readable passports for years. And unless one has something to declare, there


By: Fernando T. Aldaba, PhD

‘Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” was the battle cry of President Aquino’s campaign in 2010. But what is its logic? That good governance will eventually lead to economic growth and poverty eradication? After four years in power, can P-Noy attest that this is true and boast of his economic accomplishments?

Sustained Philippine economic growth


By: Cielito F. Habito, PhD

Once upon a time, we had a prominently agricultural economy. Some limited industrialization took place in the postwar years, in the form of import-substituting industries fostered by protective trade barriers such as import controls and high import tariffs. But such inward-looking industrial growth has its limits and appeared to have hit the ceiling by the